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Our enterprise-grade Clinical Decision Support tools and applications are built on industry standards and bring us closer to a future of evidence-based, personalized care. Cognitive provides knowledge management and mobile-based solutions.

Clinical Decision Support Framework

Advanced Cognitive and Workflow Optimization. Made Easy.
The Clinical Decision Support Framework is Cognitive’s flagship product, built on knowledge management, business intelligence and advanced analytic technologies and with open standards. The Clinical Decision Support Framework offers real-time decision-making specific to the patient and current state of their care.


Easily drag-and-drop objects in the Clinical Decision Support Framework Workbench to customize rules, workflows, routing guidelines and complex decision logic for clinical tests, procedures and other activities.


Automatically deploy custom rules and workflows directly within the run-time environment.


Receive and manage clinical decision support alerts and events in the Clinical Decision Support Framework Inbox on custom mobile, web or thick client apps.


  • Alert hospital personnel of orders, abnormal labs, new consults, etc.
  • Advanced diagnostic aids tailored to either patients and providers
  • Automated, evidence-based clinical guidelines and treatment plans
  • Patient reminders for appointments, medications, health maintenance, etc.
  • CDS-assisted care and transition planning, staff/patient education and competency validation
  • Rapid clinical screening/scoring, patient assessments and risk profiling

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Quality Improvement Framework

Reduce time and costs associated with manually collecting and analyzing data.

Cognitive Medical System’s Quality Improvement Framework is a scalable, cloud-based data repository that uses a mobile device to facilitate real-time data capture and CDS reporting, all at the point-of-care.


Dynamically tailor data collection forms to read and capture patient and/or provider data by scanning mobile NFC tags or bar codes at the patient’s bedside. Customize alerts, routing, notifications and escalation paths—integrating into current clinical workflows.


Aggregate and normalize data from potentially hundreds of sites, centralizing all data analysis and reporting into a multi-tenant cloud-based repository.


Access the QI Framework dashboard to configure and monitor critical management workflows:

  • Patient enrollment and study ID management
  • Staff registration and ID management
  • Tag re-issuance
  • Device management
  • Site-specific customizations


  • Proven to support quality improvement initiatives in nurseries and adult hospitals
  • Improves erroneous manual data collection processes and reduces time to analyze data
  • Reinforces workflow and data communication processes
  • Eligibility and exclusion screening for research studies
  • Home health data collection, rapid screening and assessments
  • Discharge planning and care coordination
  • Comprehensive event reporting system

Cognitive’s Decision Support Framework (CDSF) is delivered to caregivers via a series of applications on handheld wireless devices (Apple iOS or Google Android). The technology analyzes the data collected at the point-of-care to determine care recommendations, and fires alerts and notifications as appropriate for a particular patient. For example, CDSF determines who should be notified, how they should be notified and when escalation to an alternative recipient is necessary.

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