Adopting a knowledge management strategy is a significant step that requires organizations to think differently about they way they approach information technology, the value of computable domain expertise, and how that knowledge should be governed. Saperi offers a variety of professional services to support its customers with how to use CORA and/or its derivative products effectively.

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Engineering Services: Software engineering, interoperability, and technology integration services are available to clients needing assistance deploying our knowledge management platform into their environments. Similarly, they may desire support when extending our platform or products with their own services to solve idiosyncratic requirements.

Modeling Services: Data, terminology, and information modeling services are also available to support organizations while they develop their own endogenous resources and expertise. We encourage our clients to adhere to applicable standards (e.g., Hl7, OMG or W3C) whenever possible, but will advise them on how to avoid common mistakes when non-standard models are required.

Training Services: Saperi can augment your organization’s existing training resources with experienced change management professionals to help educate your staff on the platform and its capabilities.

Clinical Informatics: Saperi’s clinical experts have extensive direct patient care, administrative and regulatory experience. All are clinical informaticians whose expertise can be invaluable when crafting an information-based approach to healthcare delivery. All major healthcare initiatives today, from learning healthcare systems to patient-centered medical homes, are critically dependent on the proper alignment of policy, evidence and technology. Our clinical informatics consultants are eager to show you how CORA and its products can help create that alignment using an information architecture that your organizations can depend on.

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