Responsive Rational Healthcare Delivery

Are you able to keep up with changes in best clinical practice? Can you adapt quickly to new administrative and quality reporting mandates? Saperi’s Clinical Optimization and Reasoning Architecture (CORA) is designed to accelerate your process improvement initiatives and alleviate your regulatory burden. This highly adaptable cloud platform, focused on representing, executing, and managing critical domain expertise, can help you accommodate to changing requirements, make decisions effectively, and improve your clinical outcomes.



Providers need systems like CORA that can help manage the exponential growth in domain specific knowledge required to run an effective business.

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CORA provides flexible tools and services that can quickly address new knowledge-intensive requirements. Single use systems need not apply.




Adapt CORA system behavior through configuration. Changes to organizational processes should not require expensive system mods or redesign.


Quality = Reasoning * Workflow / risk

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Clinical Optimization & Reasoning Architecture (CORA)

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Providers often ask why their EMR doesn’t do more to help them get through the day (Friedman et al. 2013). The simple answer is it wasn’t designed to. It knows next to nothing about the decisions you are trying to make or the information you care about.

Designed to be layered on top of existing systems, CORA extends legacy EMRs with services that ensure the data and analyses required to make better decisions, achieve goals, and optimize care processes are readily available. Work smarter, not harder.


Near Real-Time Clinical Decision Support

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Can CORA Provide Clinical Decision Support (CDS)?

Yes. CORA is Saperi’s generalized knowledge management platform. CORA CDS, our first commercial product, is a configuration of our platform focused on analyzing EMR data in near real-time for the purposes of providing classic bedside CDS alerts and functionality. The platform provides knowledge bases and services to support evidence-based best clinical practice and is an intelligent safety net that mitigates against errors of omission, cognitive tunneling, or rigid and inefficient workflows. CORA’s event-driven architecture provides a level of responsiveness that distinguishes it from currently available products.


Context Aware By Design

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Alert Fatigue: A patient safety hazard


Alert fatigue, a significant concern with current decision support system, is often the result of inadequate situational awareness (AHRQ 2109). To address alert fatigue, CORA knowledge bases can be tailored to organizational workflows and administrative policies, to individual patient characteristics and consent directives, and even to provider preferences. Alerts can be tiered according to severity and configured to be interruptive only when appropriate. Finally, alerts can be redirected to alternative devices (e.g. cell phone) or escalated to surrogates to ensure timely message delivery. If you can imagine a better workflow, CORA can help you achieve it.