Clinical Optimization and Reasoning Architecture (CORA)

A scalable, well-generalized, dynamically configurable, knowledge management platform.

Saperi’s Clinical Optimization and Reasoning Architecture separates the mechanics of performing a task from the expertise needed to know how, when, and why the tasks should be performed. It is representative of a new breed of systems designed to manage critical information assets at scale. CORA provides foundational tools and services for customers to represent their considerable domain expertise as computable artifacts that can then be deployed across an organization to optimize decision making and achieve a variety of clinical quality, administrative, financial, and regulatory compliance goals. The platform, and the knowledge bases that ultimately define its operations, provide a standards-based knowledge management and decision support system for a variety of domain challenges.

CORA is in beta testing and Saperi is seeking partners to complete validation testing prior to general commercial release.

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A real-time, context-aware, clinical decision support platform.


CORA CDS is a configuration of the platform designed to analyze EMR data in real-time time for the purposes of providing classic bedside CDS alerts. Such reminders can support evidence based clinical guidelines, communicate adherence with quality measures, or simply provide access to context relevant reference material.  The platform integrates with the underlying EMR using a patient synchronized desktop application called the Analytics Drawer, or as an embedded Smart-on-FHIR app for those products supporting the standard. The result is an intelligent, real-time safety net that mitigates against the cumulative costs resulting from errors of omission, delays in diagnosis or treatment, or rigid and inefficient workflows.

CORA CDS can be layered upon any source data system willing to exposed its data and can represent domain expertise as logically consistent, computable knowledge artifacts (rules, algorithms, workflows, calculators, etc). Applications are typically clinical, but administrative, regulatory or legal knowledge bases can also be defined.

CORA CDS is in beta testing and Saperi is seeking partners to complete validation testing prior to commercial release.

CORA Connect

A standards-based intra-operability framework.

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CORA Connect implements the health information exchange (HIE) interoperability services sponsored by the Sequoia Project and augments them with next-generation security and privacy services. The product also extends CORA with document management, e-signature and notary services designed to support sophisticated patient consent management workflows that go beyond simple opt-in / opt-out solutions. The net result is a comprehensive set of services that securely federates and manages access to heterogeneous, geographically distributed data sources. In combination with CORA reasoning and process orchestration services, the platform provides a standards-based foundation for the data and process interoperability required for care coordination. Because the product is designed to plug-in to existing health information exchanges, CORA Connect enables each organization to participate as a node in a federated data and workflow framework. Imagine the implications of secure clinical or administrative workflows across organizational boundaries.

CORA Connect will be available in Q3 of 2019 and Saperi is seeking partners to complete validation testing prior to commercial release.

CORA Trials

An intelligent clinical trials management platform.

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CORA Trials is a new product initiative developing the potential of Saperi’s cloud platform to manage clinical research. A trial’s inclusion and exclusion criteria can be expressed as a knowledge base enabling CORA reasoning services to automate the identification of patients that might be suitable for enrollment. CORA communication services then notify the patient and/or their care team of their eligibility and CORA consent services manages the process of providing informed consent and obtaining the required digital signatures. Additional knowledge bases capture the procedural requirements of the actual research protocol (conceptually similar to a computable clinical guideline) and are used by the system to monitor that patient care is study compliant and to advise providers when they deviate from requirements. CORA Trials automatically collects, de-identifying and/or anonymizing as required, and reports the experimental data for subsequent analysis.

CORA Trials, focused initially on large multi-institutional surgical and pharmaceutical studies, is anticipated to be available in Q2 of 2020. Saperi is seeking partners to further develop and test the product prior to commercial release.

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