Clinical Informatics

The American Medical Informatics Association defines clinical informatics as the application of informatics and information technology to deliver healthcare services. We are passionate about using technology not just to deliver healthcare, but also to significantly improve it. While clinical decision support is a promising clinical informatics tool, it’s only one way to improve patient outcomes through technology.


Clinical Documentation
If you’re using paper forms you could be getting more value out of your quality improvement initiatives. Automated documentation speeds the time to capture, increases accuracy, and in our experience, clinicians vastly prefer it. We can deploy clinical documentation on desktop workstations and mobile devices using easy-to-use dynamic forms.

Like automation of documentation, computerized provider order entry (CPOE) accelerates the ordering process and reduces errors. CPOE can be applied to medication orders, but also lab tests, admissions, imaging orders, and referrals. Valuable on its own, CPOE is greatly enhanced by clinical decision support since it enables immediate action on alerts.

These are just a couple examples of broad clinical informatics solutions. Many of the problems addressed by clinical informatics are highly unique and require not just IT professionals but experts in social, behavioral, and management science. We can help you articulate your healthcare technology needs, address them cost-effectively, and implement change in a manner consistent with your organization’s culture.