Personalized Medicine


Genomic sequencing can reveal genetic mutations (deletions, repetitions, etc.) correlated with disease and treatment indications. Galvanized by the White House’s Personalized Medicine Initiative and programs like the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Million Veteran Program, it will soon disrupt healthcare.

But personalizing medicine based on genetics is no easy task due to the volume of data that stands to be collected and the need to meaningfully cross-reference it with disparate sources of health information such as electronic health records (EHRs).

Further, what we stand to learn about the intersection of the genome and manifest health conditions over the next 5-10 years will outstrip clinicians’ ability to absorb it through study while also treating patients and fulfilling their administrative duties.

We provide solutions for housing, synthesizing, and analyzing vast amounts of genetic data as well as cross-referencing it with disparate information sources. As a clinical decision support specialist, we can help you make intelligent use of this data at the point of care.

Whether you need to develop an architecture or design strategy to build a database to handle data from large cohorts, or would just like to add functionality to make use of external genetic data in your existing systems, we can help.