Clinical Decision Support

We build clinical decision support platforms and end-user applications that continuously monitor patient data and surface gaps in care, leading to better outcomes, reduced risk, and enhanced clinical quality improvement.


Specifically, our clinical decision support tools:

  • Leverage the patient’s entire electronic health record
  • Synthesize and reason over data from disparate sources
  • Accommodate local workflows and clinical content
  • Fully integrate with electronic medical record (EMR) systems
  • Adhere to relevant HL7 standards
  • Populate alerts that are immediately actionable (order tests, medications, etc.)
  • Remember patient data
  • Dynamically route unacknowledged alerts
  • Are hosted in the cloud
  • Extend to mobile devices
  • Drag-and-drop visual logic authoring for clinicians
  • Respect physicians’ time and expertise

Cognitive’s clinical decision support tools deliver several sophisticated reasoning technologies that can be applied to clinical decision-making challenges, including handling streaming data such as physiologic waveforms, optimization of routines to facilitate schedule or resource planning, and a variety of modeling techniques that enable predictive analytics. This advanced reasoning capability supports truly individualized clinical guidelines and treatment plans.

As a clinician-led organization, we emphasize user interface in our clinical decision support tools, which are designed to minimize clicks and increase focus on patient care. Clinical reminders or recommendations can be customized to fit existing workflows and display within the EMR in a way that’s intuitive to the clinical context. Our clinical decision support applications can be calibrated to run quietly in the background, serving as an infrequent tap on the shoulder, or to more proactively guide care as needed.