Electronic Health Records

Cognitive Medical Systems can help you achieve Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) certification in order to meet the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid’s Meaningful Use requirements for electronic health records (EHRs). As a necessary foundation for clinical decision support, we specialize in electronic medical record (EMR) implementation, customization, and interoperability, specifically in modernization and enhancement. We offer EMR services in the following areas:



A typical healthcare environment (hospital or large clinical) has 20-30 distinct and isolated legacy information systems that manage the organization’s functional areas (lab, radiology, pharmacy, surgery, administration, etc.). Cognitive can help you seamlessly connect them to the EMR/EHR.


When replacing or upgrading an EMR, a comprehensive plan based on a detailed gap analysis is critical. Cognitive can evaluate the state of an existing or off-the-shelf EMR against desired capabilities, helping you to customize workflows and identify key indicators and metrics for their improvement. We will then create the business and functional requirements for the resulting work, whether the installation is done by Cognitive, another vendor, or in house.


A project with the scope of an EMR installation or upgrade requires an interdisciplinary approach across the health care organization and buy-in from stakeholders in all departments to be successful. Cognitive can aid in the change management process using proven organizational change theory with sensitivity to the culture and end users.


We can configure your EMR/EHR to be easier for clinicians to use. We work with health care organizations to improve user experience and the speed and accuracy of understanding patient status and care plans.


Clinical terminologies play a very important role in the retrieval, exchange, and interpretation of clinical data and are therefore a critical component in EHR interoperability and precursor to clinical decision support integration. Cognitive has unique and highly specialized experience in healthcare semantics, ontologies, and data modeling, and can apply this to preparing your system for the coming era of EHR interoperability.