About Us

Saperi Systems is a privately held software engineering company specializing in standards-based knowledge management solutions. Established in 2018, we focus our clinical informatics, research, and advanced engineering capabilities on product development and the unique requirements of commercial customers. Located in San Diego, CA, Saperi is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cognitive Medical Systems, an established provider of innovative information technology services to the Federal Government.


Emory Fry, MD, Chief Executive Officer

Emory drives the strategic vision for the company and leads business development. He is a neonatologist by training and a recognized leader in the field of health informatics, with over 15 years of experience in the design and development of enterprise clinical information systems. He is also currently CEO at Cognitive Medical Systems, Saperi’s parent company.

Douglas Burke, President

Doug manages the company’s sales and marketing initiatives. He has extensive leadership experience having served as CEO of DefenseWeb Technologies and has held other executive-level positions at SAIC, HNC Software, Prodesis, and Globeset. He is also currently President at Cognitive Medical Systems.


Esteban Aliverti, Engineering
Esteban is responsible for platform and product engineering.

John Cassidy, Finance
John is responsible for managing the day-to-day financial operations.

Duane Decouteau, Engineering
Duane is responsible for privacy, security and consent management architecture.

Marcellus Figueroa, Engineering
Marcellus is responsible for quality assurance and testing.

Jaime Gerkin, Human Resources
Jaime is responsible for all human resource and recruitment functions.

Jerry Goodnough, Engineering
Jerry is responsible for platform architecture and product solutions.

Sebastian Groh, Engineering
Sebastian is also responsible for platform and product engineering.

Brian Manning, Engineering
Brian is responsible for development operations and network support.

Charlie Mead, MD, Engineering
Charlie is responsible for platform and product engineering management.

Rocky Reston, MD, Clinical Informatics
Rocky is responsible for developing business requirements, research and development, and clinical informatics.

Andrew Simms, PhD, Data Science
Andrew is responsible for our data science strategies.